Waiting on the Gold Rush
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About: My names Evelyn and I’m 16 years old
I love dance, guitar, poetry, shoes, anything that smells good, P!ATD, beaded bracelets, rings, Disney, chocolate, Kate Nash, traveling, puppies, cute kids, Regina Spektor, Harry Potter, He is We, Kenya <3, Tswift, Mtrench, Augustana, Ron Pope, Ingrid Michaelson, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, and Hedley. MJ is my idol.

If you are creeping my blog come and chat with me :) I'm always here to talk

Live a simple life and love it.

5T4S. The-Originals

If you're an MJ fan go check out my Michael Jackson blog thekingofpoplivesonforever.tumblr.com


his jaw holy shit 

his jaw holy shit 

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